Pressure guide for clothing

Something we have in common with you as a customer is that we both want the final product to be as good as possible. We will always do our best with the resources we have, but you can help us on the pile by uploading high -resolution images of the right size!

We recommend a resolution of at least 150 dpi, but the higher the better. The smoothest file format is .png, when it is handled by most image processing programs and also saves transparency. Of course, you can upload in other formats also if it suits you better (JPG, SVG, GIF, BMP). Also, be sure to save your image in CMYK color mode. Digital screens use RGB color, but reality differs slightly in some shades. Since a brilliant screen can give stronger colors than the ink we put on your garment, we recommend CMYK for a more fair picture of the end result.

The majority of our pressure production is digital and is done with so-called Direct to Garment, DTG pressure. It is fast, environmentally friendly and one of the main reasons that you can place small orders without minimum numbers.

Another advantage is the amount of color and breaks and the ability to print detailed images and motifs high -resolution - gradients and transitions and multicolors are something we absolutely love and photoprints are created with simplicity on most garments.

Here is a quick list to check off for your printing process:

  1. Create a good original, 300dpi .png file
  2. Save your file in CMYK (we know that RGB is stronger color but unfortunately this only applies to the screen and not in reality)
  3. Save the file out of the correct size eg 20 cm high and make the file 20 cm high
  4. Do not use compression or "save for web" or similar in Photoshop or your image processing program
  5. Good luck!

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