It was a matter of course when we started Dropmerch to offer high quality clothing and at the same time keep down on our climate footprint. We also know that many of our customers and your customers want sustainably produced quality clothes. Pressing your motifs digitally directly on the garments makes this possible.

We press when we get your order


  •  You can test different designs before larger orders
  • Test! Create new design in a moment and see what it looks like for real!
  • Create a mini collection and market it on social media, see if it sells, order on demand and minimize your risks
  • Perfect for footing your collection IRL
  • You get a climate -smart product

Less waste = focus on quality

Since we press for orders, we get less waste and our production also becomes more efficient. At the same time, we are working to reduce our climate footprint by learning from others and reviewing our production chain.

Photo:Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash