Designing your own T-shirt is both fun and rewarding to do. Whether you have long dreamed after designing your own clothes, starting a clothing brand or wanting to create the perfect gift, it is a special feeling to hold, and put on your own design.

Here are some tips to help you get started

Start with a sketch of your motif and design

 This helps you visualize how you want your shirt to look. If you are not artistic, don't worry - there are lots of online resources that can help you create a basic sketch.

Tips on pages for inspiration


Consider the colors of sweater, fabric and motifs

Which colors do you want your shirt to have? Keep in mind that some colors do not match neatly or not look as good against each other. Use our editor to quickly and easily upload your motif and change the color of fabric and sweater.

Choose the quality and style of t-shirt

There are many different types of fabrics available for t-shirts, so be sure to choose one that is comfortable and breathing. Cotton is always a good alternative.

If you want a t-shirt that is a little finer, you can choose a fabric with more luster and quality and a tip is ring-spun cotton that not only prints better but feels softer and more compliant to the body.

A t-shirt is not just a t-shirt-there are many different shapes, sizes and fit to choose from.


Press t-shirt with own image

It is easy to get T-shirt printed with your own image. You can either upload your own motif, or choose from one of our designs. We have lots of different options and there is something for all tastes!

Once you have chosen your motif, then you decide how you want it on the sweater. Do you want it big and prominent? Or maybe small and discreet? No matter what, just choose in our editor and we take care of the rest!

There are many different types of t-shirts, so be sure to choose one that is right for you. Want a comfortable and airy t-shirt? Or maybe a tighter model for exercise? We have everything you need!


The most common t-shirt models

Slim fit

A tighter model that sits neatly against the body. This is a good alternative for training and activities as it breathes well.

Regular fit

More comfortable and airy model, perfect for everyday use. This model sits loosely on the body without being too loose.


This is a really relaxed and comfortable t-shirt. Perfect for cozy evenings on the sofa!

Thin sweaters

These are made of a thinner fabric, and fit well under other garments such as jackets. Thin sweaters also breathe better and are perfect for activities as they do not get so hot.

See our range of printable T-shirts

T -shirt print - what are the different options?

Once you have chosen your T-shirt model and fit, it is time to decide how you want your motif on the sweater. Here are some of the most common printing methods:


This is a craft that sews together motifs with threads on the fabric. It looks much more exclusive, but is also a little more expensive.

Screen printing

This is one of the most common printing methods, and gives a very good result. A screen is used to apply paint to the fabric, and this is done by pressing the fabric with the screen. The disadvantage is that it requires greater costs and requires minimum number, which means that screen printing mainly fits larger orders of the same motif.

Digital printing (DTG)

This is a newer method where motifs are directly printed on the fabric with the help of a digital printer. This gives a very detailed result and you can use more colors and variations. We at Dropmerch primarily use digital printing and we are among the foremost in Sweden on quality and output of DTG.


Sell ​​your own clothes and merch

If you are curious about how to take your prints and motives to the next level and offer them for sale, Dropmerch offers their own marketplace for our customers. There you can create an online store without having to code or invest and you can offer garments and products to your audience.

We also have many customers who use print on demand to see what interest is there or help seeing what color or motifs attract the most. Instead of using Photoshop and making a fake sweater, you can print a finished sweater, foot, film and show off details and engage your fans and followers.

Design online with dropmerch

Now that you know how to create your own T-shirt design, it's time to get started and design the perfect t-shirt for you. With us at Dropmerch you easily design online in our editor. Here you can upload your motif, change the color of fabric and sweater, choose size and fit - all to create exactly the t -shirt you want.

Once you have chosen all the options, you can just print the order - we will take care of the rest! We will send your new T-shirt directly to you, so you can start using it in no time. If you order several t-shirts of the same design, there are discounted prices for large volumes and we are always available to help!