When it comes to pressing t-shirts, there are many different methods out there. But if you really want the best quality pressure, you should check out a little extra on clothes made with ring pound bomb.

Ring spun cotton is softer andmore comfortable

Ring spun cotton is made of longer fibers that are tightly twisted together. This results in a fabric that is not only softer, but also more durable. That is why ring-spun cotton is often used for exclusive t-shirts. This is also why DTG pressure on ring-spun cotton gives such high quality results. The ink is better absorbed by the fabric, resulting in vibrant colors and sharp lines.

You can print full color motifs

With traditional screen printing you are limited to a maximum of four colors per design. But with DTG printing you can print full color designs-including photographs! This opens up a whole new world of design opportunities for your garments.

No hidden fees

Screen printing requires the use of screens, which must be created for each color in your design. This can be expensive, especially if you print many colors. With DTG print, there are no stencils and starting fees-you only pay for the prints themselves. This makes DTG an ideal option for creators or anyone who wants to save money on their T-shirt prints.


Ring spun cotton is also softer and more convenient than other types of fabrics, making it the perfect choice for t-shirts. So if you are looking for the best way to print your t-shirts, look no further than DTG on ring-spun cotton!