A polo shirt is a sweater, usually with buttons over and usually in one or two colors as a foundation. Piké sweaters are often made of cotton or polyester, making them comfortable to carry. They are available in different styles, ranging from simple and elegant to more flashy and colorful models.


Piké shirts for all occasions

Pike sweaters are excellent as corporate clothes, for example for staff in shops or restaurants. But even if you do not have a company, it can be fun to print your own sweaters for a party, picnic or similar. Whatever the reason, it is always fun to wear a polo shirt with print!

Design and order your polo shirt today. We have a large selection of different colors, sizes and models to choose from. Whether you are looking for a simple white sweater or a more flashy colorful model, you will find it with us. Our goal is to always deliver quality at the best price, so that you as a customer are satisfied whether it is to you, companies or sports association.


Piké shirts to sports associations with sponsors

At Dropmerch you can easily design and order polo shirts for the entire sports association. All you have to do is upload your own print, choose your sweater model and sizes and numbers. Then we send everything to you so you can start wearing your nice new sweaters with pride!

One of the strengths of our printing technology is that you can freely vary your motifs, you can easily have individual names on each garment, or why not unique team numbers?


Piké jerseys for companies and staff

Pike sweaters are also very useful for companies, for example you can have them as work clothes or uniforms. With pressure on the polo shirt, it becomes a nice advertising product and at the same time looks good!

We have delivered sweaters to many different types of companies, ranging from small local stores to large chains. No matter what company you have, we can help you design and print polo shirts that fit your business.


Contact us today for more information! We look forward to helping you with your order.