Pressing your own merch is a perfect way to get your name out and give value. Good merch spreads both names and brands and becomes a natural and genuine way for fans to support both bands, artists, illustrators and creators.

Whether you are new or experienced merch buyer, we have compiled some tips and tricks here for a good merch collection and how to press your own merch.


Press your own merch

When printing your own merch, it is important to understand different types of fabrics and which material is best for different products. The quality of the garment affects how much use they get, how comfortable they are and in the end how satisfied your customers will be.

There are a plethora of different fabrics you can choose from when you print your own merch, ranging from different cotton types, polyester and linen. Choose a 100% cotton t-shirt for a comfortable and classic style that fits in all contexts.

Good to think about when pressing merch

When pressing your own merch, it is also important to think about sizes, shapes and fit. A t-shirt that is too big not only looks sloppy, it is also often uncomfortable to wear. A t-shirt with the right fit and size is comfortable, stylish and works in all contexts.

One of the biggest benefits of pressing your own merch is that it gives you full control over your brand. You decide for yourself what your brand should look like and what it should stand for. By pressing your own merch you can easily create a brand that fits your music, your illustrations or your products.

There are lots of different ways to print your own merch. You can either do it yourself or let someone else do it for you. We at Dropmerch offer merch completely without a minimum number and you can easily test an idea, a motif or for the part, dare to take the first step and sell your very first sweater - risk -free.

Quality over quantity

When you press your own merch, it is important to think about Quality over Quantity. There is nothing worse than poor quality of merch that does not measure up. Your fans and customers will notice if you take on material and it is not worth it for any of you.

A good merch collection contains a few, but good, garments in different sizes and shapes. T-shirts, hoodies and caps are always a good choice and a safe winner. Pressing your own merch is not difficult, it only takes some time and effort - but it is definitely worth it!


Tips for pressing your own merch

  1. Choose a good foundation, both sweater and motifs should reflect your message. For bands it can be smart to use the cover for the disc, a song text or motif inspired by a song. If you want to create a clothing brand, it is recommended to let the sweater's fit and style be uniform with the brand's values ​​and focus - Streetwear has a different style than professional clothes and vice versa.

  2. Be cost effective in the beginning - no one likes to have an unsold warehouse with merch that does not sell and we work actively against this concept and at Dropmerch you can start by printing a single sweater or let us take care of your dropshipping (then we press your customers' orders on demand and can also send out internationally directly to your end customers, read more here).

  3. Go loose with colors about shapes. We use digital prints, so -called DTG and have an advanced machinery that can easily compete with traditional screen printing in durability and even translucate in the form of details and colors. We have no starting costs, color costs or stencils you need to be boring surprised, but you can create freely, just as it should be!

  4. Have fun! Merch is a large and fun area with many different possibilities. There is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as you have fun and create something that you and your customers or fans will love. Sit back, release your inner artist and let your brand grow - with dropmerch you always have full control!

  5. Choose a good partner. We are obviously biased in this tip, but with over 15 years of experience from merch, print, outsourcing and international sales, we have nevertheless learned a bit along the way.


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