About Dropmerch

At Dropmerch we strive to thrive in the wonderful world of prints, tee’s and merch. We stem from a  long background in graphic design and print with years of hardship doing our own brands and labels to finally come to the conclusion that in order to achieve the attention to detail we want in our printed products we have to do it ourselves. 

With Dropmerch you’ll find a production studio based in Sweden with in-house printing and caretaking of each garment from people who genuinely love what they do. We’re not a multi corporation, we are not a bulk production facility running 24/7 but instead we work closely with every aspect of our shop, from sourcing garments to handpicking prints for the ready-to-wear collections.

We focus on two aspects, a curated collection of prints from selected artists and brands and our print-on-demand side where we help bring your ideas to life (without any minimum quantity requirements).

Oh, and we also make stickers!

Dropmerch about us

What makes Dropmerch?

  • Print your own ideas, for you, your company or band.
  • Manual production (no robots!)
  • Passionate staff, printers, technicians, designers, well the whole company is built around doing what we love
  • Curated and hand-picked selections 
  • Artist supportive
  • No minimum orders to worry about, print just one piece or hundreds, up to you.
  • Create a selection of merch from one single source.
  • Tried and tested garments with sustainable and fair-trade options.
  • Printed with passion from Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Ship directly to your end-customers (we take care of the shipping for you!).
  • Shop finished products from handpicked collections from awesome artists, bands and creators.
  • Local pick-up available for you and your customers (in Gothenburg though but we have coffee!)



Most of the images and photos are taken by our talented in-house team but no one can do everything alone so we'd like to especially thank the following:

Gabby K
Vie Studio
Anna Nekrashevich
Mart Production
Our moms
All the amazing creator community


Dropmerch runs its flag under our parent company, Ride All Day AB (org. 556926-6165) and is based from Manufakturgatan 23, 417 07 Gothenburg in the creative hub of Ringön and appointed meetings are always available and we have a full showroom to help out your creative process!


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